Testimonials from couples - Amy Parsons Photography

"Neither of us love being the center of attention so we worried how we would feel with two photographer’s cameras on us… but Amy made us feel at ease and able to be in the moment and focus on each other. We also appreciate how Amy was well prepared and kept us on schedule.” ~ Lynn & Scott

“We felt so comfortable with Amy, like we had known her for 10 years. It really made the whole experience so fun and easy! She spent time getting to know us so that our pictures would be specific to us and our wedding.” ~ Kinsy & Josh

“Amy thought of EVERYTHING. I got shiny, she had powder… I was worried about mud, she had a garbage bag for me to stand on… I forgot a bible for our ring pictures and of course you she one in her bag of tricks! I am so thankful for how committed Amy was to every detail. Every person I said I was very close with and every item that had some special meaning were documented. Nothing was missed at any point. Hiring a photographer who genuinely cared about our wedding day and what marriage meant for us as a couple was very important."  ~ Nikki & Kevin

“I love how efficient and thoughtful Amy was in communication before, during and after our wedding day!” ~ Ashley & Brian

"When searching for a wedding photographer it was most important to find someone who would grasp our sense of personality and style. All of our photos portrayed great detail and emotion." ~ Ashley & Harrison

“My husband is not much for being in front of the camera but with Amy’s direction (and ability to make every situation lighthearted and fun), our photos capture our real smiles, laughter and emotions. They were the perfect balance between Kevin favoring candid photos and my preference of posed.” ~ Nikki & Kevin

“It was such a joy getting to have Amy Parsons capture the moments on our wedding day! Leading up to the wedding I was very thankful for her helpful attitude and planning tips. The days before,  she made sure she had all the details down that we were hoping for.  And on the day of the wedding, Amy made even the most intimate shots comfortable as she encouraged us to only concentrate on each other."   ~ Shelby & Wes

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